“Music is all that is left when people walk away”mugshot

Words that symbolize the essence of what music means to R-Jay. What began as “feel good” music turned into an addiction. R-Jay had his first taste of house music at the age of 17. He lost his soul in 2006 to the sound of DJ Roog (Dutch house legend in the dance scene). From there on he was hooked. As a house junkie he had his first epiphany in 2008 when he inhaled the ethereal vapes of Latin and Tribal house sounds. The fierceness of rhythmic drums enticed his senses, sweetened his juices and inspired the first R-Jay sounds in 2010.

With his Afro house sounds R-Jay aims to hit you hard where it hurts. Music that sounds and feels like the beat of a heart, passionate and fiery. His ambition is to lead his crowd into another clouded reality where they are swept into an inevitable symbiotic relationship with sounds that flow like blood through their veins. Leaving behind an R-Jay soul-lasting impression in a haze of vibes.

As a beat-freak he excels in the way he squeezes all the juice out of his loops and mixes them in a way that is unique to his set.

R-Jay is a resident deejay at Voyage / Encore Melkweg Amsterdam. He has played at Mysteryland, Flirterz and various clubs in The Netherlands, Dubai and Suriname.